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Lessons From Who Moved My Cheese By Dr Spencer Jordan

Who Moved My Cheese
  • Change is inevitable: Whether you like it or not, the cheese will move
  • The main takeaway from Who Moved My Cheese? is that change is inevitable. Change is the nature of things, and if you dont change fast enough, you will go extinct. Hew and Haw were slow to recognize that things around them had changed, and as a result, when it came time to pivot, they reacted too slowly. Why? Because they had grown comfortable. When you recognize that things in life will never remain the same, you cant become comfortable. You will be on the lookout for new opportunities. This requires being nimble like mice. They may not have a lot of intelligence, but mice have a good sense of smell that points them to new cheese.

    It helps if you notice small changes early because it will help you to adapt to big changes to come. Dr. Johnson puts it best when he says:

    Smell the cheese often to know when it is getting old

    The point is, you should never be like Ham, who felt entitled when the cheese wasnt there. Wisdom comes from knowing that things change and acting accordingly.

    2. Be brave: Ask yourself: what would I do if I wasnt afraid?

    When you are unsure what to do, and these moments will come, ask yourself, what would I do if I wasnt Afraid? The answers you get will keep you moving.

    3. Follow the writings on the wall

    Is there a strategy for adopting change? Yes, and its called the writings on the wall.

    It has the following steps:

    4. Everyone has their journey to make

    Struggling To Accept Change

    On one side Haw was explaining Hem to forget about what happened and lets find knew cheese but Hem didnt listened. On the other side the rats were on their way to find new cheese and they found another station N where there was more quantity of cheese than station C.

    Haw wrote on the wall The more important the cheese to you the more you want to hold it. One day while digging a hole in the wall to find if the cheese was hidden behind a wall, Haw started laughing and realized how much time they have wasted here. So he decided to search for new cheese.

    Who Moved My Cheese Key Idea #: Your Cheese Or Success In Life May Be Paralyzing You

    The two mice, Sniff and Scurry, dont think about things too much. They instead spend their time running up and down the corridors of their maze, in search of cheese.

    This seemingly brainless way in which these two mice set about achieving their goal is instructive, and is often the most effective method in reaching your own goals. In fact, acting without thinking too much can save you time and energy.

    If theres no cheese at the end of a path, for example, Sniff and Scurry simply turn around and scramble down another path without wasting time being angry or frustrated.

    Hem and Haw were also searching for cheese in the maze, but not because they were hungry. Rather, they thought that finding cheese would make them feel happy and successful.

    With their more complex brains, Hem and Haw worked out strategies to find cheese, memorizing the mazes dark corners and blind alleys. Yet with all this planning, they still often got confused, and sometimes lost their way. And whenever the pair came up empty-handed, they became depressed, wondering if happiness would ever be attainable.

    In real life, we too tend to overcomplicate things. Not only do we overthink issues or events, but we also become overly attached to the status quo.

    Finally, Hem and Haw found a huge stash of fancy, imported cheese down one corridor, at Cheese Station C. Every day they made sure to wake up early and visit the station for a snack.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Speed Summary: 15 Quick Takeaways

    Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life is a 1998 book by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It details an allegorical tale about mice looking for cheese in a maze, working as an example for businessmen and women to learn how to adapt and survive changes in the economic landscape.

    Lesson: B Each Day Brings Something New So Prepare Yourself For The Change

    Who Moved My Cheese? PDF by Spencer Johnson

    Each day after waking up, Hem and Haw walk towards cheese station C for a snack. They notice the empty station and are shocked because they never observe that the cheese is diminishing.

    Keeping a close eye on the situation, you can prepare yourself for the future. Because change happens, and you can save yourself by being aware. Expecting things in the same way, youll miss the sign of changing environment.

    Both Hem and Haw are so satisfied with their feeling of excitement that they forget to notice the change. While Sniff and Scurry keep an eye for any change, and they realize early that the cheese is diminishing slowly.

    Believing something makes it harder for yourself to look for another perspective. Even Dalai Lama says in The Art of Happiness that you should have the mental flexibility to look at the other side of the situation.

    You should pay attention to the signal of changing environment and prepare yourself for the next hurdle. The sooner youre able to adopt and implement change, the sooner youll find your way.

    When Sniff and Scurry realize that there is no more cheese in station C, they start searching for a new cheese station without stressing. Luckily, they find out a huge pile of cheese at another Cheese Station N.

    However, Hem and Haw arent so lucky and unable to handle change. With hope, the pair keeps returning to the empty station C but finds nothing except stress, frustration, and depression.

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    Who Moved My Cheese What Does The Maze Represent

    4.6/5does the maze representmaze represents

    Likewise, what does Who Moved My Cheese mean?

    Who moved my cheese is a fable about four characters who live in a maze and they all love cheese. When the cheese disappears, Scurry and Sniff enthusiastically head out into the maze to find new cheese. Cheese a metaphor for what you want to have in life. It could be a good job, loving relationship, money or health.

    Furthermore, who Moved My Cheese short summary? is a short, light-hearted parable about change, by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. It follows the physical and emotional journeys of four characters Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw as they search, find, lose and must rediscover their favourite food, cheese, in a large, twisting maze.

    Also Know, what do the four characters represent in Who Moved My Cheese?

    The fable centers around four characters two mice named Sniff and Scurry, and two little people named Hem and Haw. The four live in a maze, which represents our physical environment. Their goal is to look for cheese, representing life’s happiness and success. Scurry was an eager and quick mouse.

    What do you think cheese symbolizes in the context of Who Moved My Cheese What does cheese signify for you in this context?

    What Is Who Moved My Cheese About

    Who Moved My Cheese? is a parable about change that takes place in a Maze where four characters look for Cheesecheese being a metaphor for what we want in life.

    The four imaginary characters depicted in the storythe mice: Sniff and Scurry, and the Littlepeople: Hem and Haware intended to represent the simple and the complex parts of ourselves.

    Whatever parts of us we choose to use, we all share something in common: a need to find our way in the Maze and succeed in changing times.

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    Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese

    Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, M.D.

    Who Moved My Cheese? was originally released in 1998 and spent almost five years on the New York Times business bestseller list, selling more than 26 million copies worldwide. The business world embraced the book as a motivational fable describing the importance of being flexible to change.

    If you havent read it, put it at the top of your list as it offers a whimsical look at serious scenarios. And, even if you are not much of a reader, you can handle this book as there are only 96 pages, big type, and drawings!

    Essentially, its a story about two mice, and two little people who live in a maze and spend time looking for cheese. The story shows how you can get comfortable in the old routine, stuck in place due to fear, angry when things change, and eventually, you have to see the handwriting on the wall.

    The story is insightful and inspirational, and if youre willing to look honestly, you are bound to see yourself in one of the characters. So, take a little time out to sit down and read this, then figure out what youre going to do about your cheese. Once youve read it, share your favorite quotes and lessons from the book!

    If you need a copy, there are some good deals on Amazon, and theres a teen version, too!

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    A Brief Summary Of The Book

    Who Moved my Cheese? Animated Summary

    Who moved my cheese revolves around the four characters who live in a maze. All of them love cheese. When the cheese disappears, Sniff and Scurry head into the maze to search for new cheese while Hem and Haw feel betrayed and start complaining that someone had stolen their cheese from them. Hem and Haw wasted their time and energy believing that their old cheese will return.

    After several days, Haw lost hope and realized that the old cheese would not return, and he decided to head into the maze to search for new cheese. Haw tried convincing Hem, but Hem was stiff and wanted his old cheese back. During Haws journey in the maze, he wrote whatever lesson he learned on the wall believing that one day Hem might move on and start finding new cheese. In the end, Haw found a huge place filled with cheese and discovered that Sniff and Scurry had already been there.

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    How These Lessons Are Useful To Me During The Lockdown Period

    Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson is a short book but is packed with a lot of important lessons that we can pick up during this pandemic time. It was a parable about change it is about a journey of four characters searching, finding, losing, and rediscovering back their cheese in a large twisting maze.

    Johnson uses cheese as a metaphor for what you want in life, such as a well-paid job, a loving relationship, possessions, or a healthier body. The maze is the environment we live in, such as our workplace, our friends, family. The book talks about problems that no cheese is everlasting and life changes, whether we love it or not.

    As Heraclitus once said Change is the only constant in life

    Who Moved My Cheese Conclusion

    Although everyone resists change but change is unavoidable. So to deal with it happily, practice these steps that are mention above. Remember the story of who moved my cheese. The sooner you accept it and let go what you had for what you can have life becomes happier.

    I hope after reading Who moved my cheese summary you would be able to deal with the big changes in your life. You are free to comment below to give your suggestions, recommendations and feedback.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Inc

    This section does not cite any . Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

    In 1999, Who Moved My Cheese Inc was founded to handle the Who Moved My Cheese? book order demands from businesses. In 2005, the company was reorganized as Spencer Johnson Partners with the idea of bringing in partners and additional content from Dr. Spencer Johnson, the author. Spencer Johnson Partners focused on creating additional programs and services that would continue to help clients navigate change, including Gaining Change Skills. Then, in 2009, the company was purchased and renamed Red Tree Leadership.

    Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #5

    Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Audiobook Full

    Handle your fears: Fear can have one of two effects: 1) It can paralyze you, if you imagine all that can go wrong if you leave your familiar ground, or 2) it can spur you into action if you fear that things will get worse if you dont do something. The second fear is productive and healthy.

    • In the story: Haw feared not finding new cheese if he ventured out into new areas of the maze. But he also realized he definitely wouldnt find any by staying put. He asked himself, What would you do if you werent afraid?

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    Good Things Dont Last Forever So Be Ready

    So when Hem and Haw awoke one morning, they were surprised to discover that their cheese vanished.

    Change, sooner or later, is unavoidable. Being aware of this can assist you in keeping a closer check on your current condition and better anticipating the shift to come.

    On the other hand, Sniff and Scurry never took the stockpile for granted and made it a point to keep an eye on it for any changes. As a result, the two mice realized that the quantity of cheese was rapidly decreasing.

    You may miss indicators that things are changing if you expect things to stay the same. Hem and Haw were so enamored with the cheese that they didnt even notice when the supply was running out or when it began to mold!

    It might be difficult to embrace change when we hold beliefs about ourselves. If you believe you deserve success, good health, or an unending supply of cheese, anything that deprives you of these things will feel unfair to the point where you may even deny that change is taking place.

    Cheese Station C, Hem, and Haw believed it was a prize for their hard effort. Theyd spent so much time looking for it, after all! As a result, when the stockpile vanished, they were unable to accept reality.

    This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Instead, keep an eye out for change indicators in your life and adjust as quickly as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner youll be able to retrace your steps.

    Who Moved My Cheese Lessons

    Its easy to draw parallels from the story to unsettling changes in our own lives for instance, changes in a job, relationship, or health. The characters flaws and successes reflect our own tendencies when confronting change: Like Haw, we may resist, complain, and deny change because weve become complacent or afraid. Or we can be like Sniff and Scurry, staying on our toes, preparing for future change, not overanalyzing things, and being ready to adapt without fear.

    Even when we adapt, change is initially challenging, and Who Moved My Cheese offers a road map for navigating change in a way that minimizes stress. These are the Who Moved My Cheese lessons.

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    Who Moved My Cheese Lesson #1

    Be prepared for change: Pay attention to signs of change in your environment, whether its layoffs at your workplace, new aches and pains, or strains in your home life. Consider how potential changes could affect you and develop a plan to handle them for instance, by learning new skills.

    • In the story: Mice Sniff and Scurry noticed the cheese stockpile getting old and dwindling. They were ready to search for a new supply when the old one disappeared.

    Change And Why We Need It

    Who moved my Cheese The Movie by Dr Spencer Johnson

    responsive to change:When something is inevitable your best bet is to: 1. Prepare for it 2. Adapt to it 3. Dont be surprised by the next by always looking for it.Live a Life Of Expectancy..expecting change.Dr. Spencer Johnson, #1 Best Seller of the Book Who Moved My Cheese? saidNoticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.

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    Lesson : Stop Thinking Too Much About Your Cheese And Start Chasing It

    The two mice inside of our maze are Sniff and Scurry. They spend most of their time running up and down the corridors of the maze, looking for cheese. Turn a corner, run to the end, see if theres any cheese, and if not, turn around and go back. Thats their pattern, and, while it seems kind of mindless and unstructured, it actually saves them a lot of time and energy.

    Hem and Haw, two little people, also spend their days in the maze looking for cheese, but not because theyre hungry they think finding it will make them feel happy and successful. However, because of their complex brains, they think a lot about

    • how they can find the cheese the fastest
    • which strategies will work best in getting through the maze
    • how to keep track of those strategies
    • what finding the cheese will feel like
    • when theyll finally find it

    and of course, they wonder if there even is any cheese in the maze at all every time they turn another empty corner.

    Life is the same. Every minute you spend wondering what success looks like, how to get it, whether its possible and how youll feel in the future is a minute not spend working towards it. Humans are complicated beings, but that doesnt mean we have to make everything complicated.

    Be more like a mouse and just start running!

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