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Vegan Mac And Cheese With Vegetables

Which Celebrity Makes The Best Vegan Mac N’ Cheese?

Can you believe you can make vegan mac and cheese out of vegetables? I mean vegetables?! This totally is a thing and it turns out incredibly delicious!

And its such a great way to include more vegetables in your diet. You just cook the vegetables and then blend them into creamy sauces together with spices and sometimes nuts.

Vegetables you can use for your vegan mac and cheese:

  • starchy potatoes
  • butternut squash

The Best Vegan Cream Cheese

Its actually quite amazing that such a simple ingredient list can have such great results.

The cashews create the creamy base for this recipe.

Lemon juice gives it the tang, which is the basis for the cheesy flavor.

Coconut cream adds creamy flavor and texture and also contributes to the beautiful white color. It also helps it to thicken up nicely once its in the fridge. Note: You do not need to refrigerate your coconut cream first and it does not need to separate, just shake up your can and then pour out the right amount.

White vinegar, onion powder and salt take it the rest of the way to creamy cheesy perfection.

Every ingredient in this recipe plays a big part and all are crucial to the result. If you want to add more flavors to this, like some garlic powder or fresh garlic or something like that, do it! But I wouldnt take any of the flavorings away or it will be too plain.

The Best Vegan Mac And Cheese Brands In 2021

This is an in-depth comparison of the best vegan mac and cheese brands out today. We conducted this review by looking at the product ratings across multiple sites and analyzing the descriptions of each vegan mac and cheese brand.

In this guide we compare similarity to dairy mac, price, flavor, pros/cons, etc. of each vegan mac and cheese brand to find out which is best for those following a plant-based diet. We only compared options available , since prices are the most competitive and are accessible to the largest number of people.

Even vegetarians agree that the ethics of dairy are also not great, so striving toward vegan and non-dairy alternatives is becoming much more popular in recent months. Thus the usefulness for this guide!

If youre looking to make the switch, hopefully this buying guide for vegan alternatives to mac and cheese will be helpful!

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What Is Kimchi And Where Can I Buy It

If you havent cooked with Kimchi much, its time to hop on the kimchi bandwagon! Kimchi is delicious in a variety of dishes like ramen or fried rice or even mac and cheese!

Kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage that has a tangy and pickled flavour. Kimchi is considered a health food since it is fermented and contains probiotics. The tanginess of the kimchi in this recipe pairs really well with the creaminess of the mac and cheese and gives it a punch!

You can find Kimchi at your local asian market, at most health food stores and even in some large grocery chains. It will be in the refrigerated section.

Make sure to check the label of the kimchi to make sure it is vegan. Some can contain shrimp paste in them.

Kite Hill Artisan Vegan Cheese


If youre in the mood for Italian, Kite Hill is the place to look for rich ricotta, creamy nondairy spreads. In an effort to make vegan cheese that actually tastes good, celebrity chef Tal Ronnen, cheesemaker Monte Casino and Stanford biochemist Dr. Pat Brown joined forces to create a plant-based cheese that could beat a tasty traditional dairy cheese. Whats their secret? High-end almonds!

Going vegan doesnt have to be difficult. Heres a seven-day vegan meal plan to get you started.

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What Vegan Boxed Mac And Cheese Brands Did We Try

Despite trying out 10 different brands, we know that there are even more out there. We just didnt find them local to us. The brands that we did find and try are:

  • Modern Table Vegan Mac Classic Cheddar Style
  • Banza Plant Based Mac with Chickpea Pasta Shells and Vegan Cheddar
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Cheddar Flavor
  • Annies Organic Deluxe Vegan Rich and Creamy Shells & Vegan Cheddar
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Gluten Free Cheddar Flavor
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Shell Pasta Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Creamy Sauce
  • Uptons Naturals Deluxe Cheesy Mac
  • Howl Mac & Chef Deluxe Classic Cashew
  • Daiya Deluxe Cheesy Mac Cheddar Style
  • Pastabilities Vegan Organic Mac N Cheese

I will be upfront that we had tried a few of these before. Specifically, one of the Annies and we believe the Daiya but couldnt recall.

However, we had never tried any of them side by side with other brands which we believe is really important when it comes to taste testing.

Organic Vegan Cheddar Flavor Mac

Whether youre vegan, or youre just diggin a plant-based diet, we have no doubt that youll deem our Organic Vegan Cheddar Flavor Mac the most delicious dish around. Its made without any artificial flavors or synthetic colors, and offers the same comforting cheddar taste youll find in classic dairy mac & cheese So grab a spoon and dig into the dreamy, creamy cheddar flavor youve been missing.

Contains wheat ingredients

  • No artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives
  • We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients

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Are These Vegan Boxed Mac And Cheese Products Allergy Friendly

Now, I know what some of you are going to ask next. What about the rest of the Top Allergens. You guys know we love to help, so Lets get in to it!

All of these are dairy free and vegan already. As far as the Top 8 Allergens:

  • Modern Table Vegan Mac Classic Cheddar Style
  • None.
  • Banza Plant Based Mac with Chickpea Pasta Shells and Vegan Cheddar
  • None
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Cheddar Flavor
  • Wheat.
  • Annies Organic Deluxe Vegan Rich and Creamy Shells & Vegan Cheddar
  • Wheat, Coconut
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Gluten Free Cheddar Flavor
  • None
  • Annies Organic Vegan Mac Shell Pasta Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Creamy Sauce
  • Wheat.
  • Uptons Naturals Deluxe Cheesy Mac
  • Wheat.
  • Howl Mac & Chef Deluxe Classic Cashew
  • Wheat, Cashews.
  • Daiya Deluxe Cheesy Mac Cheddar Style
  • Coconut
  • Pastabilities Vegan Organic Mac N Cheese
  • Wheat. Made in facility that processes milk, eggs, fish, tree nuts, wheat and soybeans.
  • Daiya White Cheddar Style Veggie

    Can A Vegan Mac ‘N’ Cheese Satisfy A Mac ‘N’ Cheese Lover?

    Daiya didnt stop at regular mac, and as awesome as this one is, theres still more.

    As for this one though, its a great way to get those extra veggies in your diet. Without having to compromise on the flavor, and still being able to indulge in a little comfort food.

    They also have a regular white cheddar style if you only want the comfort, and a bacon mac if you want extra comfort.

    The ingredients are as follows:

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    Banza Elbows & Classic Cheddar

    We’ve already talked about the sin of trying to make mac and cheese healthy, so it’s not a surprise that Banza Elbows & Classic Cheddar is next on the chopping block. It’s made with chickpea pasta, which is what sets it apart from its bleached-flour cousins. The cheese is a “classic cheddar,” which is likely an attempt to equate it with more classic mac and cheese options like Kraft. Now, chickpea pasta can be delicious, but is it really the best type of pasta for mac and cheese? Judging by Banza’s recipe, no. But while the flavor of the pasta is lacking, the texture of it isn’t bad.

    However, there is one caveat. Not everyone can enjoy a gluten-heavy mac and cheese without feeling awful . This chickpea pasta is gluten-free, so it is a good option if you’re missing the mac and cheese of your childhood. And to be fair, we’d rather have this chickpea pasta than whole wheat pasta any day.

    Daiya Deluxe Cheezy Mac

    As a plant-based cheese innovator, we had to try Daiya’s mac and cheese. It got points for having a gluten-free noodle made from brown rice. The cheese sauce came in a pouch that makes for easy prep. Once the noodles are done cooking and drained, simply add in the cheese sauce, mix and enjoy. The noodle was great but the sauce had an overpowering flavor. For future iterations, we would definitely add some pasta water or non-dairy milk to thin out the sauce a bit.

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    Best Vegan Boxed Mac And Cheese Taste Test

    We taste tested 10 different vegan boxed mac and cheese brands! Were dishing out all the details on which is the best in our vegan boxed mac and cheese taste test!

    Its no longer shocking to us that we can find multiple of the same products when we do a taste test. Still, it is. Contradicting much are we? We found 10 different vegan boxed mac and cheese varieties for us to try.

    Even crazier is that we know there are even more out there.

    Im not even talking about different kinds with the same brand like mozzarella vs cheddar or regular vs chipotle flavored. Im talking that we were able to find 10 different brands that make a vegan boxed cheddar cheese mac and cheese.

    I think the crazier part is that we found 9 of them at Whole Foods. While you can find them at more places than just Whole Foods, we were surprised to find so many different ones at one place.

    We also have a vegan shredded cheese taste test if you are interested in seeing that. And also check out ourvegan egg substitutes post!

    Make sure that you leave a comment below letting us know what other types of taste tests we should do!

    Kroger Brand Original Mac And Cheese

    Vegan Mac N Cheese

    If you’re looking for your ultimate cheap go-to meal, it has to be the Kroger Brand Original Mac and Cheese. It comes in at under a dollar, and at three servings per container, this is definitely a solid meal option when your rent is due and you don’t get paid for a week. Apart from the amazing price point, the quality of the product is pretty good, especially considering the price. Overall, it reminds us of the Kraft brand, but somehow, it just tastes better.

    Turns out, Kroger customers absolutely love this mac and cheese, which is how they feel about a lot of Kroger’s other products as well. Customer loyalty to the brand is high. According to Grocery Dive, a full 83 percent of the store’s customers say they purchase Kroger’s private label offerings.

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    Best Mac And Cheese In Edmonton

    Noorish in Edmonton

    Blue Plate Diner

    Find it: 10145 104 St. NW, blueplatediner.caThe low-down: Paintings by local artists line the walls of this colourful, old-school diner but its the classic all-day eats that really make this place a hometown favourite.Cost: $13 to $19Varieties: Their house mac and cheese is loaded with rich béchamel sauce, aged cheddar and mozza, topped with fresh tomatoes. For you meat lovers out there, add some diced chicken or sausage to really take it to the next level.


    Find it: 8440 109 St., noorish.caThe low-down: This yoga-studio-meets-vegetarian-eatery dedicates itself to promoting a conscious and balanced lifestyle starting with nourishing, good-for-you food.Cost: $16 or $18 Varieties: One fully vegan Truffle Mac n Cheese with brown rice pasta, a lobster mushroom cheese sauce, finished with truffle oil and coconut baconperf to treat yourself to after a sweaty yoga sesh.

    The Next Act

    Find it: 8224 104 St. NW nextactpub.comThe low-down: This 25-year-old establishment in Old Strathcona is a go-to after-hours spot for a casual dinner and drinkswash down your mac and cheese with a brew from the pubs extensive bevvie menu.Cost: $14 or $16Varieties: Two different versions depending on your mood: a classic dish or the baked mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeños for a burst of smoky and spicy flavour.

    Northern Chicken

    Vegan Macaroni And Cheese Recipes

    Would you believe theres an entire cookbook exclusively devoted to vegan mac & cheese recipes? Not only that, its a beautiful hardcover book thats full of quality photographs, from one of the vegan cooking worlds bestselling authors.

    A little Googling will reveal countless vegan mac & cheese recipes online. Heres by far the most popular version : a two-minute Buzzfeed video for what they immodestly proclaim to be, The BEST Vegan Mac & Cheese You Will Ever Have.

    If youre cooking from scratch, you can always swap your favorite homemade or store-bought cheese into your recipe. See our vegan cheese page for an incredible assortment of possibilities.

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    I Love To Hear From You Guys

    I hope you like this little guide on how to make vegan mac and cheese. There are so many different ways to make mac and cheese without dairy! What do you think is the best vegan mac and cheese recipe?

    If you give any of these recipes a try, Id love to know what you think about it. Just leave me a comment below. Your comments really make my day!

    You like my recipes and roundups and want to see more? Then follow me on , , or !

    Sina xx

    Where To Get Vegan Mac And Cheese In Philly

    VEGAN Mac & Cheese

    All across Philly, you can find vegan versions of mac and cheese, some baked with a crusty top, others so creamy its easy to wonder: wheres the milk?

      Anyone can make mac and cheese. Its just difficult to make it good, says Tarik Ryant, a.k.a. Chef Reeky, owner of Cheezy Vegan and Chef Reekys Cafe and Juice Bar.

      Mac and cheese can be dry. It can be mushy. And more often than not, it can be bland. To create a version thats memorable can be tricky. Tack on a dairy-free requirement, and that challenge gets exponentially harder. But Philly chefs are ready for it.

      All across the city, you can find vegan versions of mac and cheese, some baked with a crusty top, others so creamy its easy to wonder: Wheres the milk? Ask chefs about their recipe, and many will tell you its a result of months, sometimes years, of R& D.

      I probably went through seven renditions of my cheese sauce before I locked in on what it is now, says Ryant of his recipe. In the African American community, everyone wants to know who made the mac and cheese before you eat it. Its kind of like, If Grandma didnt make it, Im not eating it, so I wasnt about to sell something I couldnt get right. Honestly, I almost gave up on it.

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      Follow Your Hearts Vegan Legacy

      FYH first started as a vegetarian café in 1970 in Southern California and became a retail food brand in 1988 with the launch of vegan condiment Vegenaise. Now, the brand offers a variety of vegan products, including cheeses, salad dressings, VeganEgg, and more. FYH recently underwent a brand refreshcreated in partnership with Chase Design Groupthat harkens back to its roots with bright, 70s-era illustrations while maintaining a modern flare.

      A pioneer in many ways, in 2020, FYH also launched a first-of-its kind pourable vegan pancake mix. Called Rocket Cakes, the brand also worked with Golderg and Engel to develop the innovative product over the course of five years. Sold in a rocket-shaped bottle, the vegan pancake mix is made with 92-percent organic ingredients and ancient grains including corn, millet, and quinoa.

      In February, FYH parent company Earth Island was acquired by dairy giant Danone, in a move that allows Danone to meet its goal of growing its global plant-based sales to $6 billion by 2025 while giving Earth Island an opportunity to substantially grow its presence.

      For more about Follow Your Heart, read:

      Diving Deeper Into Italian Cooking

      Macaroni and cheese is a classic Italian dish. If its among your favorite meals, you will certainly enjoy sampling other classic Italian foods. Weve got a wonderful guide to Italian cuisine that will acquaint you with key dishes, ingredients, and cooking methods.

      For further reading: please see our vegan cooking guide and our vegan foods page.

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      Kraft Launches Vegan Mac And Cheese

      This isnt the first time that the food and beverage company has delved into veganism.

      In 2019, Kraft Heinz invested $3.5 million into a vegan cheese startup, New Culture. The companys $100 million venture capital fund, Evolv Ventures, led the seed funding round.

      One year prior, Kraft Heinz launched an incubator program, called Springboard Brands, to help accelerate the growth of vegan/plant-based, certified-organic, and locally-made food start-ups. In addition to providing networking opportunities, the program also invested $50,000 into qualifying brands.

      But back to the vegan macaroni and cheese For those looking to sink their teeth into the creamy vegan goodness who dont live Down Underworry not. There are a number of non-dairy mac and cheese brands on the market to shop.

      Annies Homegrown carries a variety of boxed, dairy-free cheesy noodles, including Organic Vegan Mac and Deluxe Rich & Creamy Shells & Vegan Cheddar. Banza Plant-Based Mac With Chickpea Pasta features more than 50 percent more protein than traditional mac and cheese, according to the brand. Its also packed with fiber and contains 30 percent fewer carbs.

      Daiyas Cheezy Mac and Deluxe Cheezy Mac, which contains white cheddar and veggies, make a perfect meal option. And you can pop Amys Vegan Organic Rice Mac & Cheese straight into the microwave for a tasty meal ready in minutes.


      Modern Table Vegan Mac

      Creamy Coconut Mac &  Cheese with Broccoli

      And the winner is Modern Table! For starters, Modern Table’s Vegan Mac Classic Cheddar Style was one of few gluten-free options available. They use a very cool spiral noodle made from lentils, rice, and peas that would be hard to guess were gluten-free. It highest protein of any of the macs we tried at 16g per serving. These noodles also cook slightly faster than typical wheat noodles, only requiring about 6 minutes for a nice al dente bite. The flavor was very tasty but not too powerful and is as good as the real thing.

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