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UK Vegan Cheese / Our Top 4 That You Can Buy at The Supermarket

Dairy products get a reputation as a vital source of calcium. However, many believe that reputation is simply thanks to marketing from the dairy industry . Plenty of people are living dairy-free without any calcium deficiencies. Thats because endless plant foods have substantially high amounts of calcium for example, seeds, nuts , beans, lentils, leafy greens , and soy products.

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Best Budget Choice: Daiya Cheese Sauce Variety Pack


Cheddar and Alfredo flavor: Tapioca starch, filtered water, vegan lactic acid, yeast extract, Xanthan gum, Annotto food color, onion, canola oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, sea salt, natural vegan flavors, pea protein isolate, cane sugar, and titanium dioxide.

Cheddar zesty flavor: Cheddar flavor ingredients and blended jalapenos and bell peppers.

The Daiya Cheese sauce variety pack comes with three packs of three types of cheese, including cheddar, Alfredo, and Zesty cheddar. All the vegan cheese packs are dairy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free.

The sauces have a rich cheesy flavor and texture. They are ideal for people who are allergic to lactose, soy, and gluten. While the sauces are rich in calcium, they are high in saturated fats and low in protein.

They can be used together or separately on various recipes, including pasta, veggies, soups, noodles, baked potatoes, nachos, dips, etc. or it can be warmed or served as is.

Allergens: None


  • Has a rich, creamy cheese flavor
  • Free from the most common allergens, including gluten, lactose, soy, selfish, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, and animal products
  • Non-GMO and cholesterol-free
  • Can be used in a wide range of recipes


What Stores Sell Vegan Cheese

Here are some of the stores where you can find vegan cheese:

  • Amazon Hands down the best online retailer to get access to a wide variety of vegan cheese. At Amazon, you can find brands such as Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Violife, and more.
  • Walmart As Ive mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, its possible to find vegan cheese at Walmart, generally next to dairy cheese. But if you wish to order vegan cheese online, Walmart also has many varieties available, including grated parmesan.
  • Whole Foods Whats particularly awesome about Whole Foods is that they have launched their very own vegan cheese line under the 365 brands. Its amazing!
  • Target Akin to Amazon and Walmart, Target is a retailer where you can find different varieties of vegan cheese, which you can also order online.
  • Safeway At Safeway, youre able to find a few vegan cheese options, but its not as abundant as Amazon or Walmart.
  • Kroger This supermarket is another good one to find vegan options. You can find a lot of vegan cheese from Daiya, as well as Simple Truth.
  • Publix This is yet another supermarket that is likely to contain vegan cheese.

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Violife Prosociano Vegan Parmesan

Desperate for a vegan parmesan-style cheese to elevate your Italian dishes? Look no further, Violife Prosociano has got you covered.

This vegan parmesan-style wedge is best served finely grated or peeled into shavings over pasta, salads and risottos for an authentically Italian meal. It can also be added to vegan sauces to add richness and flavour, or mixed into crumb coatings for an extra tang.

You can find Violife Prosociano at Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Common Styles Of Vegan Cheese

5 Most Popular Vegan Cheeses in U.S. Supermarkets

Like dairy cheese, vegan cheese comes in all forms, shapes, colors, and sizes. Below are some common styles of vegan cheese.

  • Shreds: Some brands shred and conveniently pack vegan cheese for easy as toppings. Mozzarella and cheddar vegan cheese are the most common flavors of shredded cheese. It can be used as a topping in your salad, to make pizza, or whichever other way you would like to use it.
  • Blocks and wedges. As the name suggests, some brands cut their vegan cheese into blocks and wedges. The most common flavors of cheese packaged this way include cheddar, mozzarella, and Monterey Jack. Wedge or block vegan cheese is most suitable for making vegan lunchboxes.
  • Slices. Sliced vegan cheese is also ideal for making vegan lunchboxes. All you need to do is stack up a few slices with some veggies between two slices of your favorite bread, and boom! You have a tasty, filling, and healthy sandwich for your lunch. You can also use vegan cheese slices as bugger toppings.
  • Cream cheese. Cream vegan cheese can be used for a wide range of recipes, including cheesecakes, bagels, dips, creamed spinach, etc.
  • Soft cheese. Soft, creamy cheese serves as a great spread on crackers or bread. You can also use it to make sauces or a topping on vegetable salads.
  • Parmesan cheese. The good old parmesan type of cheese goes well with pasta dishes and even salads.
  • Cheese sauce. Cheese sauce can go with any type of food, including macaroni, nachos, and pretzels, among others.

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Best Cream Cheese: Kite Hill

California-based Kite Hill makes a vegan cream cheese thats almost better than the original. With almonds as the base, this dairy-free alternative is light and fluffy, ideal for a wide range of cream cheese uses, from schmearing onto a bagel to mixing into a dip. Its also available in flavors like chive and garden vegetable, both of which are worth trying.

Best Cheddar: Field Roast Chao Creamy Original Chao Slices

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

You likely already know and love Field Roast for its vegan meat. Now, meet the brand’s vegan cheddar, made from coconut oil and fermented tofu. Reviewers love it, raving that it looks and smells like real dairy cheese and swapping their favorite ways to use it from patty melts to a good old-fashioned grilled cheese. For vegan cheddar that can take the place of the dairy stuff from your childhood in all the classic dishes, go with the Field Roast Chao Creamy Original Slices.

Base: Coconut oil | Labels: Non-GMO | Certifications: Vegan

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

If youre looking for a shortlist of ingredients, look elsewhere. If youre looking, though, for cheddar shreds that mimic exactly the beloved yellow cheddar of your childhood, congratulations! Youve found it. The Follow Your Heart Cheddar Shreds can be substituted wherever you need a properly melty vegan cheese situation. They are also great on something like taco dip or salads that need a kick of flavor.

Plus, you can feel good about the environmental impact of what youre eatingwhile palm oil is one of the ingredients, that palm fruit oil is sustainably grown and harvested from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms in South America .

Base: Palm oil | Labels: Soy-free* | Certifications: Vegan

  • Lots of comfort food potential

  • More processed than some of the other options

  • Only comes in a large quantity online

  • On the pricier side

  • Can be hard to find

  • On the pricier side

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Trader Joes Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds

Anyone who frequents Trader Joes may have noticed that these vegan shredded mozzarella cheese sell out quick, and its for good reason. This cheese melts very well, so its a perfect pizza topping. It has 25% calcium per serving, making it the second highest in our list. It also boasts zero saturated fats. Whats more, unlike most non-dairy shredded cheese, this one has 1g of protein per 28g.

Best Vegan Cream Cheese & Soft Cheese

The Best Vegan Cream Cheese You Can Make at Home

Kite Hill Vegan Cream Cheese

Cream cheese may have been the hardest of the cheeses for me to give up. Luckily, Kite Hill came to the rescue with their impressively authentic-tasting vegan alternative to keep my morning bagels company.

Kite Hill coconut-based vegan spreadable cheese has that tang and richness that defines cream cheese. You can taste a bit of that coconut oil in there too, but it is very subtle compared to the other flavors.

The only downside to this delicious spread? It breaks down with heat. So, if youre spreading it on a freshly toasted bagel, be ready to eat it fast before that delectable spread starts to melt.

Treeline Soft French Style Cheese

Looking for a more traditional soft cheese that you can spread on crackers and dip your veggies in? Treeline has you covered. Their line of soft french style cheeses is perfect for adding to your vegan cheese board or eating with your finger!

These spreads are available in five awesome flavors to fit every mood, including garlic herb, chipotle-serrano, scallion, and sea salt and pepper. They are made from cashew milk and fermented to perfection to capture the texture and flavor of true french cheese spreads.

Our advice? Dont settle with just one tuborder the variety pack. You can always freeze the extra and use them later. They taste just as good either way!

Miyokos Cheese Wheels

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On our site youll be able to find the best vegan cheese in the world along with the perfect accompaniments to enjoy plant-based cheese for any occasion. Many of our products are seasonal or limited editions so if you cant find what youre looking for today, make sure to come back soon as our stock is always evolving.To read our story, you can read our About Us section here. Otherwise, for our latest updates and developments, please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the box below.

Best Vegan Cheese Slices

Parmela Creamery Sharp Cheddar

Parmela Creamery puts out a lot of great vegan cheeses, but their sharp cheddar is top of the pack. These thick slices are slow-fermented, which gives them that extra bite that defines sharp cheddars.

They are made from whole cashew milk and have a texture that more closely resembles real sliced cheese than most options out there. These slices make the perfect addition to vegan burgers, wraps, a cheese sandwich, or to top your favorite crackers. Whether they are part of the supporting cast or the main attraction, they have the bold flavor to impress.

If you like your cheddar a little more subdued, their mild cheddar slices arent bad either.

Field Roast Chao Sliced Cheeses

Field Roast is well known for its long line of vegan deli products. One of our favorites is the Chao sliced cheese line.

These delectable slices are made from a mix of coconut oil and fermented tofu. They have an amazingly buttery flavor and are available in five great flavors, including tomato cayenne, spicy, and garden herb.

In terms of a good plant-based cheese for melting over a veggie burger or on a grilled cheese, these arent the best. But for use in a cold sandwich or wrap, you just cant beat their flavor and creamy texture.

Violife Sliced Cheese

When it comes to vegan cheese, you cant go wrong reaching for any Violife product, but we really love their sliced cheeses. Here, youll find two great options: mature cheddar and smoked provolone.

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Why Do Some People Call Vegan Cheese ‘gary’

Sometimes, vegan cheese is referred to as Gary’. This is because a Facebook comment in which an internet user implored vegans not to call vegan cheese ‘cheese’ and to instead call it ‘Gary’ once went viral.

At the time, lots of stores changed their packaging to reflect the viral campaign and you could ask for ‘Gary’ on your toastie and everyone would know what you meant.

Vegan Cheese Shops In The Us

The Best Vegan Cheese Substitutes You Can Find At Whole Foods

Riverdel The Original Vegan Cheese Monger88 Essex St, New York, NY 10002Welcome to NYCsvegan cheese heaven! If you only make it to one spot on this list, make sure its here for an epic cheese experience. The glass display case shines proudly showing off wheel after wheel of artisanal cheese. You wont believe your eyes! Their cheese selection ranges from house-made cashew and oat cheeses to well-known cheese brands, and snacks. They offer multiple assortments and charcuterie boxesperfect for a party or just for yourself! They also sell a variety of sandwiches dripping with gooey, delicious cheese as well as packaged cheeses, jams, meats,everything to create your own charcuterie board. Many of the cheeses are gluten-free, but some are made with beer to ensure its safe just ask to see their ingredients list.

Virgin Cheese915 Main St. Clarkdale Arizona 86324Virgin Cheese is taking the Southwest by storm with its delicious selections of house-made artisanal cashew cheeses with minimal ingredients. This woman-owned business is making ditchin dairy a breeze with their amazing selection of cheeses like pepper jack, smoked gouda, lemon dill, feta, and many more. Their cheese has been so popular that it is available in many markets in Arizona, Las Vegas, California, Texas, and New York City. And if your travels dont take you to any of those spots you can also order it through Vegan Essentials and GTFO Its Vegan.

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Best Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

Going vegan doesn’t mean that you now have to forego cream cheese for the rest of your life that life will not be delightful. Thankfully, there are some delicious vegan cream cheese options available that you can try out. The best part is that the options mentioned here taste pretty good too. Now you can go back to slathering that rich goodness on your bagel, whipping it into creamy pasta sauce, or adding it to some of your favourite vegan recipes.

These vegan cream cheese options are formulated to taste just like the real stuff. These vegan cream cheese options have everything but the animal byproducts you are trying to avoid. You can even find a wide variety to suit every palate, from smoky vegan salmon flavours to herbed options and cruelty-free choices. The choice is back in your hands again.

You can find excellent vegan cream cheese in most supermarkets and every natural food store. In terms of taste and texture, most vegan brands are indistinguishable from dairy-based cream cheeses. Your favourite grocery probably carries these products right where they keep the regular dairy-based brands. A growing number of bagel shops likewise offer dairy-free cream cheese. If they don’t yet offer it, buy your bagels to go, and add your favourite vegan brand at home.

Tofutti pioneered this product category decades ago, but the segment is now crowded with a wide variety of excellent products.

Where Can You Buy Plant Based Cheese Slices

Whether you want to put some melty cheese on a vegan burger or make a grilled cheese, youll have no problem finding many Vegan Cheese Slices Brands at your local grocery store!

Most vegans are aware that you can make your own plant-based cheese slices using a combination of spices and seasonings with the magical agar agar powder, but its so much more convenient to buy premade vegan cheese slices at the grocery store.

This list of vegan cheese slice brands starts with the most popular brands that can be found almost anywhere and ends with brands that are only sold at select stores. If available, Ill link to the brands product locator so you can be sure that the brand you are looking for is in a store near you.

In the description for each brand, you can also find out if there are any other certifications, such as Kosher, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, organic, and more.

Ingredients can change at any time, so be sure to read the most up-t0-date product labels and certifications before buying. If there are any vegan cheese slices brands not on this list or brands that have been discontinued, leave a comment below!

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What Are The Best Vegan Cheese Brands

If youre interested in buying vegan cheese to try for yourself, check out the below list of five of the most popular vegan cheese brands in the U.S., plus info on where to buy them. If you cant find them in your usual grocery store, these cheese brands can usually be found in Whole Foods, as well as on the online vegan grocery store Mylk Guys.

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Best Premium Choice: Go Veggie Dairy

BEST Vegan Products you can find in Germany!


Soy protein concentrate, instantized rice flour, coconut oil, soy lecithin, vegetable glycerin, natural vegan flavors, Vitamin A Acetate, tricalcium Phosphate, citric acid, rice maltodextrin, rice meal, and non-dairy lactic acid.

Allergens: Soy

The Go Veggie Dairy-Free Grated Parmesan Cheese is a non-dairy grated parmesan style cheese. It is made with soy protein concentrate as the base and is not suitable for people allergic to soy. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, sugar-free, and cholesterol-free. It is a great option for people who are lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegans, and vegetarians.

It has up to 30% less fat than ordinary cheese but with double the level of calcium. It can be used in a wide range of recipes, including a topping on pizzas, salads, soups, pasta, and popcorn. The manufacturer recommends against freezing it. However, it should be refrigerated after opening


  • Contains high levels of calcium
  • Can be used on a wide range of recipes


  • Contains soy and is not suitable for people allergic to soy

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Is There A Non Dairy Mozzarella Cheese

Featuring an improved mozzarella style in taste and texture, we add the finest texture and quality to our vegan shreddings for cheese lovers. Mozzarella cheese made from a naturally cheeseripened mozzarella the cheese melts, stretches, and oozes perfect for both pizzas and pasta, including everything you could possibly eat.

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