Where Can You Buy Beer Cheese

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How To Make Cheese Toast

How To Make Beer Cheese

This easy cheesy toast is perfect for soaking up all of those amazing soup flavors!

  • Butter baguette slices with garlic butter.
  • Top with cheese and broil until bubbly & browned!
  • Prep the cheese toast in advance and pop in the oven just as the beer cheese soup is finishing to serve both while hot and bubbly!

    How To Make Beer Cheese: A Kentucky Favorite

    PD Greenwell reads cookbooks the way some people read novels. She enjoys food history, creating new recipes, and serving beautiful food.

    Beer cheese is a Kentucky favorite!

    Kentuckians love to eat. As a matter of fact, we have quite a reputation for loving to eat that reaches back several generations. Primarily, we love to eat tasty food that isnt necessarily good for you, if judged by the puritanical standards that are espoused today.

    Kentuckians also love a good party. And that party will have good food, be it a hopping little church fellowship hall reception with cake and non-alcoholic refreshments or a rip-roaring tailgate party at Commonwealth Stadium where, although open alcohol containers are not welcome, you can pour it in a cup or hide it in your food and get on with your very bad self!

    Beer cheese is one of our efforts at hiding it in the food . Give it a try. I know youre going to be glad you did!

    Abbey Cheese St Bernardus

    The Abbey Cheese St. Bernardus is a Fathers cheese with a rich history. The production of this special cheese started more than a century ago in Watou, Belgium. Today, production is in the hands of Belgomilk in Moorslede. The Abbey cheese St. Bernardus is full, creamy and soft in taste. The cheese is also characterized by a mild nutty taste. Moreover, the traditional recipe in combination with the ripening gives the St. Bernardus an authentic character.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Beer Cheese Including How To Make It

    Every June, thousands of people gather in Winchester, Ky., for the annual Beer Cheese Festival. The family-friendly fest has brought out Kentucky locals and tourists around beer, music, arts and crafts, and competitions for 10 years. The spread that keeps everyone coming back? Beer cheese.

    Beer cheese is prevalent in the Bluegrass State. Made here for some 50 years, its available at restaurants, grocery stores, and Super Bowl tailgates.

    Now, the versatile spread is expanding its cheesy reach to breweries and high-end gastro pubs across the country. The Kentucky staple is served at Louisville craft breweries like Against the Grain, Bluegrass Brewing Company, and Holy Grale, and is on the menus of restaurants like San Antonio, Texass Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery and New Yorks Randolph Beer.


    Best of all? The crowd-pleasing living legend is easy to make at home.

    How Important Is Egg Wash

    15 Minute Pimento Beer Cheese

    Egg wash helps all those tasty toppings adhere to the curved surface of the pretzels. In addition, the egg and water wash will give pretzels a golden brown sheen and satisfying crunch.

    For a softer crust, use the whole egg. A wash made from egg white only and water will produce a harder, crisper exterior.

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    Does Beer Cheese Have Alcohol

    You might be asking yourself if you should be worried about serving this beer cheese when there are kiddos around. Most of the alcohol is evaporated off during the cooking process and whats left is minuscule. You will not get drunk off this recipe. With that said, if you still dont feel comfortable reserve this appetizer to the adult’s table and serve your kids something else you know theyll lovelike our Swedish Meatballs.

    What Is Beer Cheese

    If you havent heard of beer cheese before, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite snack.

    Its cheesy and hearty and full of so much incredible flavor. You can serve it warm for dipping , or chill it like a spread. It can be a sauce, a topping, a dip, or even a soup!

    Its made with just 5 ingredients, and it only takes about 10 minutes to whip up.

    Beer cheese dip tastes sharp and cheesy, yet creamy at the same time. Theres a noticeable beer flavor. Depending upon the kind of beer you use, it might taste a little bitter and hoppy, or it might be more roasty, sweet, and malty. And theres a hint of garlic and mustard, which tie together all the flavors and bring out the best in them!

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    What On Earth Is Beer Cheese

    Beer cheese is a cheese concoction that is delicious on crackers and raw vegetables, typically carrots and celery, even radishes. This cheese is another fine example of what I like to refer to as the food of my people.

    It is generally accepted that beer cheese originated in Central Kentucky, at a restaurant owned by John Allman, a local restaurateur during the 1930s through 1970s. John E. Allman, born in 1906 to a grocer in Madison County, Kentucky, grew up to become a policeman, serving with the Richmond Police as well as the Kentucky State Police. Sometime in the late 1930s, John Allman left the force and opened his first restaurant, The Driftwood Inn, in Clark County, Kentucky, which was located near historic Fort Boonesborough on the Kentucky River.

    As the tale is told, Johns brother, Joe Allman, a chef in the Southwest, developed this Snappy Cheese, as it was known, for his brother to serve to diners. The spicy, dry nature of the product encourages those who partake of it to seek more food and drink, thereby making it a fine appetizer for restaurants as well as bars. Over the years, Allman opened and closed a few restaurants in the area, always taking the recipe with him to his newest location.

    Kentucky Beer Cheese Festival

    How to Make Beer Cheese (Pub Cheese)

    Kentucky beer cheese is such a beloved foodstuff in Central Kentucky that it actually has its own party, the Kentucky Beer Cheese Festival.

    Beautiful Winchester, Kentucky, has been hosting the Beer Cheese Festival for the past six years. It is held on the streets in historic downtown Winchester. There are vendors and music and a heck of a lot of beer cheese.

    For a mere $5 fee, you can sample all you like of the commercial beer cheeses available and vote for your favorite!

    If you think you make a winning beer cheese, enter your recipe in the amateur contestyou might just win! Visit the website for more details.

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    Did You Make This Recipe

    Video by Leigh Olson. Article, photos and recipe by Christine Pittman.

    This post originally appeared in January 2015. It was revised and republished in February 2021.

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    Vegan Beer Cheese Ingredients:

    Below are notes about the ingredients before we get into the full recipe located lower in this post on how to make this easy vegan cheese sauce:

    • Butter beans This is the base of our vegan cheese. It provides a creamy texture and youll be shocked that you cant even taste them once everything is combined.
    • Vegan beer while most beers are vegan, there are some that arent processed in a way consistent with a vegan lifestyle, such as containing honey. Many of the top ones are. You dont need a lot and it adds a great flavor! You can use a zero-alcohol version if you just want the flavor
    • Nutritional yeast this helps us get a cheesy flavor without adding any processed vegan cheese
    • Diced Jalapeños adds flavor and a bit of spice. You can add a little or a lot depending on your preferences.
    • Lemon juice A little acid helps bring the flavors of this dish together
    • Vegan butter adds richness and depth to this vegan beer cheese that you would expect from a cheese sauce
    • Oat flour helps thicken our sauce and keeps it at a great consistency
    • Dairy Free milk choose a neutral tasting unsweetened, unflavored variety for the best results. We love using creamier non-dairy milks like oat and soy.
    • Spices We have created a unique blend of seasonings that we think pair perfectly with this dish

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    Soft Pretzel Bites And Beer Cheese Dip

    Beer cheese is the my #1 choice for a game day appetizer. No one can say no to a warm, gooey, cheesy dip, especially when its served alongside homemade soft pretzels. These Soft Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese Dip are easy, delicious, and make the perfect appetizer!

    Homemade soft pretzels are actually insanely easy to make , and the beer cheese sauce isnt too far behind. This game day appetizer is sure to impress and tastes a million times better than anything you could buy at the store.

    The Perfect Homemade Recipe

    Kentucky Beer Cheese Website Launches

    You likely have soft pretzel ingredients at home in your pantry already.

    This easy recipe walks you through the steps to creating better-than-bought pretzels right from your very own oven! Warm with a golden exterior, a soft chewy interior and the texture you know and love from your favorite pretzel stand.

    The great thing about making pretzels at home is that you know exactly what goes into them and they can be topped with anything youd like .

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    We’ve Always Made Just One Flavor

    We listened to your feedback and came up with a new twist on your old fave. Buying beer cheese online has never been easier! Enjoy fresh REAL beer cheese – original or BOLD – shipped to your door on time every time! Howard’s Creek is the Kentucky Beer Cheese that you can feel good about. Made with real dairy ingredients, our beer cheese is an artisan cheese made in small batches and it’s lab tested Gluten Free which makes it an UN-guilty snack food. It’s perfect for your Keto diet, in beer cheese soup or just as an appetizer. Oh heck, we eat it with just a spoon!

    Creamy Beer Cheese Sauce

    Lately, Ive had an obsession with cheese. Beer cheese to be specific. Nearly all our favorite restaurants have an appetizer or two on the menu that come with beer cheese and OMG I cant get enough. Ive been on a mission to create a recipe thats just as delicious as the restaurants version, if not better. DONE!

    My favorite part about this recipe is how adaptive it is. Want a thicker sauce, more of a dip consistency? Simmer it longer or add a bit less liquid. Want it spicier? Add more cayenne, or some jalapeno. Play around with the cheese used, use a different beer, the possibilities are endless!

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    What Kind Of Beer To Use

    You can use any kind of beer you have on hand for this recipe.

    I happened to use one of my favorites: Yards Brawler. Its a local brew in the English mild ale style very malt-forward , with hints of caramel and toast .

    I really like the flavor of this beer along with the sharp cheddar cheese and other seasonings.

    But I can think of a few other styles of beer that would be fantastic in this recipe.

    This Beer Cheese Dip Recipe Is Perfect For Snacking Made With Just 5 Ingredients In 10 Minutes Or Less A Real Crowd

    Cheese and Beer Pairing Tips | State of Cheese

    Hey, hey, were winding down towards the end of January, and that can only mean one thing: Superbowl Recipes!

    I have said it before and Ill say it again: I may not be a fan of football, but Im DEFINITELY a fan of football food.

    And Im especially a fan of this mouthwatering beer cheese recipe!

    Im used to seeing plenty of pizza, nachos, and buffalo wings at the superbowl parties Ive been to, but I honestly havent seen beer cheese on the table much!

    I think I may have to introduce this to my friends! It could be the next top favorite!

    I wouldnt be surprised if it was. After all, its a real flavor bomb. Sharp, tangy cheddar cheese blended with a robust brew and the perfect blend of hearty seasonings whats not to love?

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    Why Make This Recipe

  • Under 10 Minutes: This spread is fantastic when you need something quick and impressive to serve at a party. You can put together the entire dish in under 10 minutes!
  • Great for Any Season: This spread is a delicious appetizer for any season. Serve it at tailgate parties, cool winter festivities, or summer barbecues. Its bound to impress every time!
  • Travel to Germany: If youve ever wanted to travel to Germany, I encourage you to try traveling from your kitchen! Make this beer cheese spread at home for a taste of German culture.
  • How To Make Beer Cheese Soup

    Beer Cheese Soup is so easy to prepare!

  • Cook bacon and then cook veggies in the leftover bacon drippings until tender.
  • Stir in flour .
  • Slowly whisk in the beer and broth into the soup base while bringing to a simmer.
  • Add remaining ingredients and cook until bubbly. Remove from heat.
  • Mix in cheese stirring until the soup is smooth.
  • Ladle soup into bowls , garnish with bacon crumbles, extra shredded cheese, and serve with cheesy toast.

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    Beer Cheese Dipa Winning Recipe For Game Day

    Beer cheese dip is typically accompanied by hoots, hollars and cheers as a rousing game of football plays out on TV, but really, itll be a hit whenever you decide to serve it. Made with two kinds of cheese, this rich and creamy dip recipe is super easy. Try it slathered on crisp apples, or with spicy Kielbasa sausage and soft doughy pretzels.

    Best served hot, we suggest you dish up this easy beer cheese dip recipe from the Crock-Pot set on the warm setting so it stays cheesy and dippably delicious even after the last touchdown is scored.

    How To Make Soft Pretzels

    Smoked Sausage and Beer Cheese Soup

    This recipe is made from yeast bread dough that is curved into pretzel shapes, boiled then baked. A quick overview of the steps needed:

    • PREPARE DOUGH This is a typical yeast dough and can be made in a stand mixer. After the dough has risen, divide into 8 equal parts.
    • SHAPE DOUGH Roll into ropes and shape into pretzels .
    • BOIL Gently lower into boiling water for several seconds.
    • BAKE Remove, drain and brush with egg wash, and sprinkle with topping. Bake until toasty brown.

    Soft baked pretzels can be customized into different shapes and sizes. Its fun to turn into initials for the kids. Or, simpler shapes, like pretzel sticks.

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    Whats The Best Cheese For Beer Cheese Dip

    There are a couple of hard rules that you need to follow when choosing the cheese for your next cheese dip.

    • DO NOT buy pre-shredded cheese. Buy a block and shred it yourself. Pre-shredded cheeses contain preservatives that make them not to clump together in the bag. That also means that they dont melt together when cooking.
    • Preferably choose a cheese that is made from cows milk that has moderate moisture and is intended for melting like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Fontina, Provolone, and Asiago among others.
    • Although aged cheeses are spectacularly delicious, try to stay away from the very aged ones as they dont melt too well.

    Why We Love This Soup

    CHEESE! Hands down my favorite addition to any dish, this soup is rich and cheesy. Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar adds heaps of rich cheesy flavor.

    This recipe is so beloved because its a cinch to make, uses fresh and flavorful ingredients, and only takes one skillet!

    All the savory flavors of bacon, broth, and Cabot Cheddar Cheese come together for a satisfying soup that really delivers.

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    How To Serve It

    My favorite way to serve this is as a warm dip, along with homemade soft pretzels. I like to make my soft pretzels with beer in the dough, so pairing them with beer cheese dip is really a match made in heaven!

    Heres a link to my recipe, if you want to give it a try: Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe.

    This also works great chilled as a spread. You can spread it on hard pretzels or on a hearty, crunchy cracker- maybe something whole grain would be good.

    Ive also used this as a topping for cooked veggies, a crudite dip, or as a sauce on cooked macaroni.

    You could even dilute it with chicken or vegetable stock and serve it as a soup!

    What Do You Eat With This Beer Cheese Spread

    Original German/ Bavarian Beer cheese/ Obatzda vs. American Beer Cheese /how to make a Roux

    My favorite dish to eat with this Obatzda is, of course, warm soft pretzels. I heat my pretzels up in the oven for a few minutes before dipping them into the beer cheese, and it is a delicious option.

    You can also use tortilla chips or crackers, or even use this as a spread on sandwiches! You can even try eating it with pumpernickel bread!

    It would also be an amazing appetizer for a main course of German Beef Rouladen and Gravy.

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