What Is The Healthiest Cheese For Weight Loss

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Cheese is a very popular food that naturally falls into most diets. Eating cheese in moderate amounts will offer you several health benefits, such as weight management. Low-fat cheese can strengthen your metabolism and encourage the body to burn more calories.

Just make sure not to eat too much cheese, as it could disrupt your weight loss progress. Try to enjoy cheese in small amounts and snack on it throughout the day. If you want to speed up physical results, perform cardio-based workouts and eat plenty of other healthy foods.

One thing to note is that not everyone can enjoy dairy products. Those who are lactose intolerant can eat other cheeses like swiss, parmesan, and cheddars. Consult with a doctor if youre unsure about what to have, as you dont want to upset your stomach.

High Quality Protein Source

Along with carbohydrates and fats, protein is one of the three macronutrients.

Its nutritional value changes according to its amino acid composition. Protein sources may be categorized as high or low quality depending on whether they provide all essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

Since dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt provide all essential amino acids, they are considered high quality protein sources .

Thus, enjoying an occasional slice of American cheese may help you boost your intake of high quality protein.

Cheese Is Abundant In The Vital Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is well-known for the role it plays in helping your blood to clot, but there are a few forms of vitamin K. Vitamin K2 doesnt get as much attention as K1, which is the K vitamin responsible for blood coagulation . It is believed to be the unsung hero when it comes to the prevention of some common diseases .

This vitamin works hand-in-hand with other vitamins and nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D. It benefits your bone, skin, and dental health, by transporting and depositing these essential vitamins and minerals to these areas. It can help prevent dementia in the elderly by promoting healthy brain function. It can even prevent, and possibly treat, common cancers, like leukemia .

Many Americans , and other Western populations, are believed to not get enough of this magical vitamin. The optimum recommended intake is still inconclusive, but it is believed that 180 to 200 mcg per day will be enough to get those vitamin-transporting proteins working. Hard cheeses, have adequate amounts of vitamin K2, offering over 30% more than soft cheeses, and amongst these, gouda and brie boast the highest amounts, at about 75 mcg per ounce .

Bottom Line: Vitamin K2 is a miracle vitamin, believed to help prevent many common diseases, and gouda cheese is an excellent source for this vitamin.

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From Feta To American Slices A Ranking Of Cheeses By Healthfulness

Americans love cheese. While U.S. dairy milk consumption has fallen, cheese consumption keeps on increasing year over year. According to an Agriculture Department report from 2018, per capita cheese consumption increased to a record 37.23 pounds. If youre a die-hard cheese fan, youre probably consuming your mozzarella and ricotta with a side of guilt. After all, cheese has long gotten a bad rap because of its high saturated fat content, which is considered bad for heart health.

Research is starting to suggest, however, that the issue may be more complex. One study published in 2018 showed dairy fats such as cheese had a neutral-to-positive effect on the heart. A 2018 review from Harvard researchers concluded there was a null or weak inverse association between consumption of dairy products and risk of cardiovascular disease, though it said more research was needed. A study from the Lancet medical journal found dairy products such as cheese were linked to a lower mortality risk.

Potential Risks Of Consuming Cheese

7 Healthiest Cheeses

People who are sensitive to cheese should avoid including them in their diet. Cheese contains lactose, which is a sugar that is difficult to digest by people who are lactose intolerant because their bodies lack the enzyme that breaks down lactose. In these cases, too much lactose can lead to bloating, gas or other digestive problems.

Fortunately, some cheeses like parmesan are very low in lactose so people with lactose intolerance may be able to tolerate these.

People can also be allergic to casein, one of the main proteins found in cheese. Cheese is also loaded with sodium which makes it easy to overeat and can be an issue for people with high blood pressure.

Some people have also complained of constipation after eating cheese. These risks can make cheese bad for some people. However, choosing a good variety of cheese can provide several benefits.

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These 7 Cheeses All Have Less Than 10 Grams Of Fat Per Serving

  • Swiss , 1.5-ounce serving: 90 calories, 2.5 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 44 mg cholesterol, 18 g protein
  • Cottage Cheese , 1/2-cup serving: 81 calories, 1.15 g fat, 0.729 g saturated fat, 4.52 mg cholesterol, 14 g protein
  • Ricotta , 1/2-cup serving: 171 calories, 10 g fat, 6 g saturated fat, 38 mg cholesterol, 14 g protein
  • Mozzarella , 1.5-ounce serving: 132 calories, 7.5 g fat, 5 g saturated fat, 32 mg cholesterol, 12 g protein
  • Muenster , 1.5-ounce serving: 136 calories, 8.5 g fat, 5.5 g saturated fat, 32 mg cholesterol, 12 g protein
  • Provolone , 1.5-ounce serving: 137 calories, 9 g fat, 5.5 g saturated fat, 27.5 mg cholesterol, 12.5 g protein
  • Mexican Blend , 1.5-ounce serving: 141 calories, 9.5 g fat, 6 g saturated fat, 31 mg cholesterol, 12.5 g protein

Potential Health Benefits Of Cheese

Cheese one of the main ingredients of a grilled cheese sandwich may have some health benefits.

On its own, cheese is a good source of some vitamins, minerals, and protein. Riboflavin, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin A, and niacin are the significant vitamins in cheese. Calcium and phosphorus are its most abundant minerals .

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What Cheeses Are Low In Fat

When it comes to how much dairy you should be getting each day, it depends on your age. The amount each person needs can vary between 2 and 3 cups each day, according to USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations choosemyplate.gov/eathealthy/dairy. For cheese, that looks like 1 ½ ounces of natural cheese, or 2 ounces of processed cheese to equal 1 cup.

The following cheeses are naturally lower in fat than others. And if you choose reduced-fat versions, you can save on calories and fat even more.

Here are 10 low-fat cheeses and how they compare to each other.

Isnt Cheese High In Unhealthy Fat

Is Feta Cheese Good for Weight Loss? Feta Cheese Sandwich Recipe for Weight Loss | Feta Benefits

It can be, but hear us out. While many non-skim varieties do contain saturated fat, which public health guidelines recommend limiting, this doesnt mean you have to avoid cheese completely, Goscilo explains. Just keep an eye on serving sizes and be mindful of the rest of your diet. To make room for the saturated fat in cheese, think of places where you can swap in sources of unsaturated fatsthe healthy kind linked to reduced risk of heart disease. Maybe that means using avocado in place of mayo on a sandwich, or grilling salmon for dinner in lieu of steak. You can also reach for low-fat or reduced-fat cheeses, Goscilo says, both of which can support a weight-loss journey.

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Eat Cheese To Lose Weight

The saturated fat in cheese is known to raise our cholesterol levels. In low-fat cheeses, this fat is usually replaced with some kind of binder to maintain the texture of the cheese. Thus, choosing low-fat cheeses allows people to still enjoy their favorite food while reducing their saturated fat intake. Low-fat cheeses, however, might not taste as good as regular cheese. The following cheeses are naturally lower in fat than others. Their reduced-fat versions are even better for your weight loss.

What Is Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is white, creamy, and soft, and, unlike many other kinds of cheese, it is not aged, which is what gives it a very mild flavor.

Cottage cheese is made from curdled cows milk. Curdling causes milk solids to rise to the surface, and these solids are called curds.

Once the curds rise and solidify, they are removed and heated to remove moisture. The curds are then washed to eliminate unwanted acidity and increase sweetness. After draining again, the cottage cheese is packaged and ready to eat.

Some types of cottage cheese contain added sodium, herbs, and spices, while others are natural and have very little else added.

There are several different varieties of cottage cheese to choose from, including whipped, creamed, low-fat, and lactose-free. Curd size can also vary, from small to large.

By Holly Klamer, RDResearched Based Article

Cottage cheese is a low calorie food that is high in protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients may be beneficial for weight loss, so eating cottage cheese while trying to lose weight may be a good idea.

A cup of low fat cottage cheese has about 160 calories, 2 gm of fat, 6 gm of carbohydrate, 28 gm of protein and provides about 14% of the Daily Value for calcium.

Here is more information on why cottage cheese may help with weight loss and some different ways to add cottage cheese to your diet.

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May Reduce Your Ability To Lose Weight

Grilled cheese sandwiches arent the cause of weight gain however, they may hinder your weight loss progress. A grilled cheese sandwich can pack 500 calories or more depending on its assembly and the cooking method.

Eating excess calories can lead to weight gain, so depending on what else youve eaten that day, your grilled cheese sandwich may contribute to weight gain .

Even though grilled cheese can be a high calorie food, there are ways to make it with fewer calories .

Is It Okay To Eat Cottage Cheese Everyday

7 Healthiest Cheeses

Is It OK to Eat Cottage Cheese Every Day? Yes, cottage cheese can be part of a healthy diet every day. If youre sensitive to dairy, look for a lactose-free option like Green Valley Creamery. The versatility of cottage cheese recipes makes it easy to incorporate this protein-packed treat into any meal.

How much cottage cheese should I eat a day?

Michigan State University Extension nutrition programs encourage participants in classes to incorporate foods from all five food groups through the MyPlate and USDA recommendation. Consider making cottage cheese a staple in your diet to reach the recommended three cups of dairy a day.

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Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Under 400 Calories

Eating a well-balanced diet doesnt mean you have to give up your favorite comfort foods. In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day, weve rounded-up seven delicious and better-for-you versions of the classic sandwich that feature at least 10 grams of protein per serving and clock in under 400 calories.


Nutrition : Calories: 371 Total Fat: 20g Saturated Fat: 11g Monounsaturated Fat: 5g Cholesterol: 158mg Sodium: 636mg Carbohydrate: 14g Dietary Fiber: 6g Sugar: 0g Protein: 32g


Nutrition : Calories: 300 Total Fat: 12g Saturated Fat: 3g Monounsaturated Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 9mg Sodium: 476mg Carbohydrate: 38g Dietary Fiber: 3g Sugar: 6g Protein: 11g


Nutrition : Calories: 308 Total Fat: 17g Saturated Fat: 6g Monounsaturated Fat: 10g Cholesterol: 218mg Sodium: 476mg Carbohydrate: 26g Dietary Fiber: 4g Sugar: 4g Protein: 14g

Which Cheese Is Healthiest

Eat Cheese, Lose Weight?

The healthiest cheese overall was Fat Free Cottage Cheese which as youd expect ranks the best for fat content and is also the lowest calorie cheese on the market. In a 100g serving, Cottage Cheese boasts only 0.4g of salt, making it the best cheese for salt content too.

  • Healthiest cheese overall: Fat Free Cottage Cheese
  • Lowest calorie cheese: Fat Free Cottage Cheese
  • Lowest fat cheese: Fat Free Cottage Cheese

The least healthiest cheese overall is Double Gloucester, which contains the highest amount of calories and a whopping 21.9g of saturated fat which is more than the NHSs recommended daily saturated fat limit for women.

  • Worst cheese overall: Double Gloucester
  • Worst cheese for salt content: Roquefort
  • Worst cheese for saturated fat content: Stilton

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The 5 Worst Cottage Cheeses

“Breakstone’s ingredient list is much longer than those listed above and contains ingredients that seem unnecessary to make a good tasting cottage cheese,” says Martin.

“Like Breakstone, the ingredient list for Hood’s Cottage Cheese is long, and many of the ingredients seem unnecessary considering many tasty brands don’t include them,” says Martin. “For example, I’m no food scientist but I’m not sure why a plain cottage cheese would need to include natural flavor. I’m not saying natural flavors are a harmful ingredient, they just seem unnecessary in this case!”

May Reduce Muscle Loss In Older Adults

Protein is important for muscle growth, and it may be especially important for older adults to get enough protein. There are 5 grams of highly absorbable protein in a slice of cheese .

One randomized control trial including 100 people over age 60 examined the effects of cheese on muscle mass.

Those who ate a serving of ricotta cheese with 18 grams of protein, in addition to their regular diets, showed improvements in skeletal muscle mass, compared with those who skipped the cheese .

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The Secret To Eating Cheese And Still Losing Weight

The secret is all about learning which cheeses work against you, and which will help you in your goals.

There are over 400 different types of cheese in the world, and they all have different nutritional values. Breaking them down into different categories can be hard.

What you want to pay attention to is which have the most fat and salt. These include cheddar and other hard cheeses.

It is best to stay away from them.

There are plenty of delicious cheeses that are low in both fat and salt. The best of these are the fresh cheeses.

Fresh cheeses are the ones that are soft and creamy. They include cottage cheese, cream cheese, mascarpone, mozzarella and ricotta. You may think of these in terms of the high-fat recipes that they are often part of, but thats not the only way to eat them.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldnt Eat Cheese

7 Healthiest Cheeses

Some people are allergic to a protein in dairy called casein. A typical reaction involves rashes, acne, headaches, sinus congestion, and inflammation. If this sounds like you, talk to you doctor about possible allergies.

Of course those with lactose intolerance, also want to avoid certain cheeses. Lactose intolerance refers to when the body has a hard time breaking down or digesting the lactose in a dairy product. This tends to trigger more digestive issues after consuming dairy, including bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

If you really adore cheese but have been diagnosed with or think you might have lactose intolerance, listen up: Certain cheeses may be tolerated in varying amounts depending on the individual since they contain less lactose than others, Hyman explains.

For example, aged cheese is much lower in lactose, so many people who cant tolerate liquid milk or soft cheese can eat aged cheeses, like cheddar, with no issue, says Largeman-Roth.

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