Is Yak Cheese Safe For Dogs

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How Long Do You Microwave A Himalayan Dog Chew

The Hardest cheese chew you will ever make for your dog! Yak Cheese chew recipe Cute Pom Dogs

When the Himalayan dog chew gets to the end stubs, you can pop it onto your microwave. Run it for 45 seconds and watch it closely. If it hasnt puffed up completely, keep adding 10-15 seconds, all the time continuously watching and monitoring.

Too little and it doesnt puff up enough! Too much and you get burnt cheese.

When I microwave my chews, it takes around 1 minute .

Youll know its ready when it puffs up, doubles in size, and stops expanding. Itll also smell like Parmesan crisps.

Once cooled down , you can give it back to your dog for an easy-chewing treat.

Everest Dog Chew Yak Cheese Puffs

Heres the deal: you could technically buy cheese puffs for dogs made out of Himalayan cheese. Our tip is to make them at home. You can simply microwave the little nubs of hard cheese that your dog can no longer chew. When heated, the hardened yak cheese nubs turns into a cheese puff, almost like doggy popcorn!

Dont Let Them Chew Just Anything

Most dogs are happy to chew on just about anything, but make sure you know the dangers of letting them chew on things that are not meant to be chewed or eaten. Sticks, rocks, and shoes are only a few examples of things that your dog shouldnt be chewing on.

Choking, blockages, and internal and external damage are possible when your dog is chewing whatever they find lying around. Keep an eye out for these behaviours and make sure that you have a safe, natural chew option to offer instead.

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Things You Should Never Let Your Dog Chew

Many of these dangerous chews can often be found in your house, your yard, and at the park. Be aware of the dangers around you. You know your dog better than anyone, so scan your environment to remove threats, and keep your dog close to avoid the temptation of picking up objects that could be harmful

Best Himalayan Dog Chews

Snow Hill Himalayan Gold Yak Cheese Dog Chews Multiple ...

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Dog owners are on the constant lookout for things that might be fun and beneficial for their dogs. In recent years, Himalayan dog chews made their way onto our shores, and dogs seem to love them. However, many dog owners are not entirely familiar with them. They often have many questions when it comes to giving their dog Himalayan chews. If you want to know more about them, stay with us, and you will find out.

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Nylon And Plastic Bones

Nylon and plastic bones are very popular and can be purchased in nearly all pet supply stores and department stores. They are fairly safe for very light chewers, but more powerful chewers can easily chew them apart, possibly causing them to lodge or obstruct. These bones are often infused with meat or sweet flavoring to make them appealing to your dog. Read the manufacturers warning label. If you buy them for your puppy or light chewer, always supervise.

Are Oravet Chews Safe For Dogs

These chews do contain grain and soy, so they may not be appropriate for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Also, if your dog has any loose teeth, these chews should not be used because they could cause trauma to the loose teeth. Some dogs have been reported to have green stools due to the alfalfa in the chews.

Cooked bones can splinter and cause severe internal damage to dogs. Rib bones from table scraps are absolutely off-limits, along with any other cooked bones. Raw bones pose potential risks, and should only be consumed under careful observation. Dogs may enjoy chewing on, and even consuming, rib bones from pork or beef.

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How Cow And Yak Cheese Calm Puppies

You might have noticed that your puppy often resorts to chewing as an immediate reaction when experiencing any discomfort or anxiety. We are not talking about chewing food or treats. No, we are talking about their urge to aggressively bite anything in sight, i.e., blankets, shoes, etc., during times of discomfort.

Chewing is an instinct that puppies are both with, and it is this instinct that helps them feel calm since this redirects their focus and energy towards something controllable. This is exactly why cow and yak cheese chews can be beneficial for your puppy, even when they are as young as 2 months old.

Since these puppy chews have a hard surface, your puppy will be directing all their focus and energy towards getting to the end of this puppy chew. The constant chewing helps soothe their discomfort, provide relief from any anxiety they may be experiencing, and relaxes them. Not to worry, these hardened cheese treats actually become softer when they come in contact with saliva and are completely digestible. These cow and yak cheese treats are not only calming but are also safe. In fact, they are safer than commercial puppy chews like rawhides, bully sticks, or antlers.

Tougher Doesnt Always Mean Better

Yak Cheese Bars for Dogs from ValuePetSupplies

When looking for a long-lasting chew, its easy to assume that the sturdiest option will be the best, but that may not be the case. The harder the chew, the higher the risk of tooth damage.

Bones, antlers and cow hooves are very popular among tough chewers, but they are too hard for many dogs. If youve fed these natural chews without incident, thats great, but just know that the risk is there.

Hard chews are not suitable for puppies, seniors, and dogs with compromised dental health. The risk of tooth damage is too high.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to chews that you can indent slightly with your nail. This doesnt completely eliminate the risk of your dog damaging their teeth, but it does decrease the odds.

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Are Himalayan Dog Treats Safe For Older Dogs

As for any other dog, big or small, young or old, Himalayan dog treats are safe for them to eat and they will love them. These Himalayan dog treats will keep your dog busy for hours on end.

There hasnt been any recalls on Himalayan dog treats and there is very minimal choking hazard because the treat is so hard that your dog should not be able to break it into chunks and it takes a long time for your dog to wear it away.

Just as always, keep and eye on your pet to make sure that they are chewing safely and definitely do not leave them unattended with any treat or chew.

Are Himalayan Dog Treats Good For Dogs

Jennifer Marshall This post may contain affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it keeps our lights on, our families fed, and our dogs spoiled.For all the juicy fine print, see our affiliate disclosure

We go through a lot of dog treats here. I use treats for training purposes to spoil my pets just because I can. I also use them to help deter our dogs from chewing on furniture and shoes and, yes, even eating grass, as well as to help remove tarter from my dogs teeth.

  • Our Favorite Chew
  • My very favorite treat, or should I say my dogs favorite treat, is Himalayan dog bones.

    We find the Himalayan treats made from yaks milk to be a much safer alternative to other items on the market such. Most people know by now that bones can be dangerous for dogs and rawhide treats have been shown to cause problems with dogs.

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    Are Himalayan Chews Safe For Dogs

    Himalayan chews are safe to give your dogs as a treat. Through the years that Ive given them to my dog, weve had to problems.

    However, as with all dog treats and chews, please monitor them carefully while eating, especially at the beginning when they are first learning how to consume the treat.

    Anything thats meant to be tough can also carry some risks.

    I dont give my dog cooked bones because Ive been warned about bones splintering and puncturing internal organs. However, it never occurred to me that I should be worried about hardened cheese doing the same.

    As I was drafting this post, I wanted to consider some other customer perspectives since my own experiences represent a single data point. I read through hundreds of Amazon reviews, and some were down-right scary. Surgery stores, photos of shattered chews with pointy edges, and quality concerns. I started wondering if even I should reconsider giving these to my dog. It only takes one bad instance to change a dogs life.

    Preventive Vets Picks For Safer Dog Chews


    Its confession time: Much of the Preventive Vet team is guilty of spoiling our dogs. Were slightly ashamed to admit how much of our usable space is devoted to storing our dogs favorite toys, nummies, and other embarrassing euphemisms.

    The good news is that this experience has given us plenty of food for thought when it comes to recommending toys based on our evaluation of safety, durability, and overall quality. Here are some of our dogs faves that we think yours will love as well.

    Please note, while these chews and “stuffable” toys are safer and more durable, you must still take precautions.

  • Always inspect all chews for damage or wear before giving them to your dog.
  • Do not leave these toys out in the sun and extreme temperatures. It can degrade them faster and weaken them. While they may look ok they are not as structurally strong.
  • Check your dogs teeth for any wear, chips, or fractures.
  • Supervise your dog while they are playing and chewing with toys. If they get too riled up or are chewing too aggressively, have them take a break from chewing. This may help prevent a tooth fracture or them breaking off a large piece and either choking or getting an obstruction.
  • Consider a chewing schedule. Even the safer toys mentioned can cause some irritation to your dogs gums and giving them a break may be beneficial. Also, if you are adding treats to toys, such as the Kong, you need to watch how many extra calories your dog may be getting.
  • Be sure to regularly clean the toys.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Yak Chews For Dogs

    What Is So Special about Yak Milk?

    Himalayan yak milk has special benefits because of the natural and varied free-range diets of the animals. The milk that yaks produce contains higher levels of healthy fat, protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium when compared to cows milk. Its rich in omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid , which known for its health benefits. Unlike a lot of farmed animals these days, yaks produce milk that is free of antibiotics and artificial hormones.

    Is Yak Cheese Good for Dogs?

    In addition to its grassy, yet delicate cheesy flavor, cheese made from Himalayan yak milk is also a healthy treat for dogs. Thanks to the free-range lifestyle of yaks, the cheese has more health fat and minerals than cheese made from cows milk or other types of animal milk. When compared to cheeses made with milk from farmed animals, rawhides and other similar dog chews, yak cheese is much easier for your dog to digest. Chewing is important way for dogs to keep their teeth clean and supports dental health. Yak cheese also has a high amount of protein, which is fundamental to the growth and development of dogs. The healthy fats and minerals also support the growth of healthy, shiny fur. EcoKind yak cheese dog treats are all thoroughly tested before being sold to pet owners. As with all chews and treats, your dog should be supervised while enjoying yak cheese to prevent any possible choking hazard.

    How Long Does Yak Cheese Stay Fresh For?

    What Do Vets Recommend For Dog Chews

    Milk-Bone Original Brushing Dog Chews. Greenies Teenie Dental Dog Treats. OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs. Pedigree Dentastix Large Original Dog Treats. Arm & Hammer Gorilla Chew Toy. Virbac C.E.T. DentaLife Daily Oral Care Dental Dog Treat. Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats.

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    Help My Dog Swallowed Himalayan Cheese

    Weve seen instances of pet owners talking about their dogs swallowing a cheese chew. You should always supervise your dog when giving them treats. If you think your dog is likely to swallow the darn treat whole, please, do not buy this type of thing. If foreign objects are swallowed by your pet, you should always seek a vets advice right away.

    What Do I Do Once The Chew Has Started To Wear Down

    Yak Cheese VS Nylabone Alternative Part 1 | DOG TOY REVIEWS | Himalayan Dog Chew & Nylabone DuraChew

    Once they get worn down to a small chunk, you wont have to worry about your dog choking on the small pieces.

    All you have to do is take the small chunk and pop it in the microwave. After a few moments in the microwave, the cheese treat will puff up and make an all new treat for your dog to enjoy! Check it out in the video below.

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    How Big Is This Chew Inches And Weight Would Help

    The Small is about 4 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces. The Medium is about 1 inch around, 6 inches in length and weighs 2.3 ounces. The Large is about 2 inches around, 6 inches in length and weighs 3.3 ounces. The X-Large Chew is about 2 inches around, 7 inches in length and weighs 5.5 ounces.

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  • If you have an aggressive chewer with a history of breaking teeth, I would probably use softer, shorter-lasting chews. The himalayan yak chews are a very hard chew, and have a note about this on their official webpage.

    By Cade on Nov 30, 2018

    A Treat You Can Feel Good About

    Unlike many natural dog treats, yak cheese has a pleasantly mild and smoky aroma that will not send visitors running for the hills. Being free from dyes and additives also means less mess. It is fully digestible and the drying process removes most of the lactose so you can spoil your dog without worry.

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    What About Puppies Are Himalayan Dog Chews Safe For Puppies

    I asked my dog trainer about this and she advised against puppies having these Himalayan dog chews. She said that puppies under six months old should not be given these chew treats. Apparently Frenchie puppy teeth are not permanent, just like baby teeth for humans. Their little puppy teeth can break pretty easily.

    Top Best Answers To The Question Are Yak Chews Safe For Puppies

    Tibetan Yak Cheese Chews Himalayan Large Bulk 2 lbs for ...

    Himalayan Chews are healthy, all natural, long-lasting dog chew treats made of a very hard cheese.

    These are excellent, unique dog chews for dogs of all sizes and ages.

    Himalayan Chews are a near-perfect dog chew! It is digestible, long-lasting, hard but not too hard, low-odor, all natural, healthy and non-staining.

    Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Are yak chews safe for puppies?» often ask the followingquestions:

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    Dont Settle On Just One

    If your dog will eat just about anything, then whatever you give them is probably their favourite thing. You may not be thinking of the possibility that your dog could get bored of having the same old chew over and over again.

    Many dogs will have no problem eating the same boring chew day in and day out, but offering them some variety is about more than just preference.

    Each natural chew will have a different shape, texture, and nutritional value. Rotating different types of chews each week will provide your dog with a fuller spectrum of the benefits of natural chews.

    If you are using chews to improve your dogs dental health, then offering some long-lasting chews will help to scrape at the plaque build-up on their teeth, but a softer chew will massage the gums and floss their teeth.

    Another reason to rotate is that dogs are good at learning the weak spots of their favourite chews. They use these tricks to crush the chew faster and faster each time you offer it.

    If you are offering different types of chews, then each chew will be a new experience. This can make chews last longer and work different parts of their mouth and jaw.

    Lastly, new is always more fun. Using chews to help with boredom and anxiety is more effective when your dog is excited about the chew. It has to be more appealing than the destructive behaviour that you are trying to prevent.

    Now that you know what to look for start trying out some chews and find out which natural chews are right for your dog!

    Why Cow And Yak Cheese Are Great As Puppy Calming Treats

    Some puppies can sleep through thunderstorms and remain perfectly when alone, while others cry wolf at the sound of your keys jingling. If your puppy falls into the latter category, introducing them to treats made from cow and yak cheese might be the best option to calm your little one.

    You might be wondering, “What are cow and yak cheese treats?” Cow and yak cheese, also known as Churpi, is a traditional cheese consumed in Nepal’s Himalayan regions. When hardened through the process of smoke & sun-drying, it is actually the world’s hardest cheese. People living in the Himalayan regions not only consume it themselves, but often feed their animals churpi because it is natural and aids nutrition.

    Before we get into why cow and yak cheese are great as puppy calming treats, let’s look at some of their benefits.

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