How Do You Make Beer Cheese Dip

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How to make Beer Cheese Dip

You might be asking yourself if you should be worried about serving this beer cheese when there are kiddos around. Most of the alcohol is evaporated off during the cooking process and whats left is minuscule. You will not get drunk off this recipe. With that said, if you still dont feel comfortable reserve this appetizer to the adult’s table and serve your kids something else you know theyll lovelike our Swedish Meatballs.

What Sort Of Cheese Should I Use For Beer Cheese Sauce

I picked a sharp cheddar cheese because I feel like its a classic when it comes to pub-style beer cheese dip. But you can substitute out different cheeses of your choice. Try to pick one that melts easily. Great melting cheese that work well for this dip include:

  • Swiss, slightly sweet and nutty.
  • Fontina, an earthy mushroom cheese pick a young fontina which is commonly used in fondue and melts nicely.
  • Gouda, nutty and rich the smoked version would give the dip a really nice dimension.
  • Taleggio, a rich, robust and almost meaty.
  • Provolone, buttery with a slight tang.
  • Mozzarella, milky and mild.
  • Gruyere, a complex savory cheese often associated with traditional French onion soup.

How To Make It

See bottom of post for the recipe card with ingredient quantities and full instructions.

  • Shred the cheese and set it aside. Combine the seasonings and set those aside as well.
  • Heat the milk in the microwave for 45 seconds.
  • Melt butter over medium heat. Whisk in the flour and stir for 1 minute.
  • Slowly incorporate the milk and then the beer, whisking as you pour. If you add it too fast, the roux will thin out too much.
  • Add the seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, and the mustard. Let the mixture bubble gently, increase heat if needed.
  • Allow it to continue to gently bubble and thicken for about 5 minutes.
  • Reduce heat to low and let the base cool down. Gradually sprinkle in cheese and stir to combine.
  • Taste, and add a splash more beer if a thinner consistency or stronger beer flavor is preferred. Season with salt/pepper if desired.
  • Serve with soft pretzels, crusty bread, vegetables, or chips.

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Oven Baked Soft Pretzels

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Homemade soft pretzels are salted on the outside and soft on the inside.

Ive shared my best tips below to make sure these come out perfect every time!An easy from-scratch dough is folded into pretzels, boiled, and brushed with an egg wash before being baked.

Can I Make This Dip Without Beer

Beer Cheese Dip

Well, it IS called beer cheese dip! So the beer is a key ingredient for flavor.

But if youre looking for a non-alcoholic version of this dip, you can either substitute the beer with non-alcoholic beer, omit the beer and increase with the same amount of milk to compensate, or use apple juice/cider for a sweeter kid-friendly version.

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What Is Beer Cheese Dip

No two beer cheese dip recipes are alike. Some are made with cream cheese, or even mozzarella, but we decided to combine sharp white cheddar, and mild, regular yellow cheddar to make a classic dip that plays off the citrusy notes of our favorite beera good pilsner. Heavy cream rounds out the dip so it stays velvety smooth and ready to serve whenever your guests get peckish.

What Is The Best Cheese To Use In Beer Cheese Dip

We went with a combination of extra sharp white cheddar and sharp cheddar. Both of these cheeses are known for their amazing melting capabilities. We like the flavor of good sharp cheeses, but if you prefer yours more on the milder side, you might want to switch these out for a gouda cheese or even a gruyere cheese. Just stay away from cheeses that are low in moisture and typically dont melt well .

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Best Beer For Cheese Dip

What kind of beer do you like best? Then that is the beer you should use!

  • Dark Beers like stouts, and malts will produce deep and bitter flavor.
  • Light Beers like ales and IPAs will give a lighter kind of flavor .
  • Non-Alcoholic beers work just fine in this recipe too!

Consider what you are serving with the dip and choose the flavor from there! The darker beers are best with pretzels, pretzel sticks, tortilla chips, and bread. For the lighter-flavored version, use carrot sticks, broccoli and cauliflower florets or zucchini rounds.

This Beer Cheese Dip Recipe Is Perfect For Snacking Made With Just 5 Ingredients In 10 Minutes Or Less A Real Crowd

Easy to make beer cheese dip

Hey, hey, were winding down towards the end of January, and that can only mean one thing: Superbowl Recipes!

I have said it before and Ill say it again: I may not be a fan of football, but Im DEFINITELY a fan of football food.

And Im especially a fan of this mouthwatering beer cheese recipe!

Im used to seeing plenty of pizza, nachos, and buffalo wings at the superbowl parties Ive been to, but I honestly havent seen beer cheese on the table much!

I think I may have to introduce this to my friends! It could be the next top favorite!

I wouldnt be surprised if it was. After all, its a real flavor bomb. Sharp, tangy cheddar cheese blended with a robust brew and the perfect blend of hearty seasonings whats not to love?

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What Kind Of Beer To Use In Beer Cheese Dip:

Theres one important thing to note about Beer Cheese Dip and this might be obvious, but Im going to say it anyway the flavor of Beer Cheese dip depends a LOT on the type/flavor of beer you choose.

If you want subtle beer flavor use a pale or lite beer for a sweeter dip.

For more intense flavor, use darker ale where you will enjoy the robust and bitterness of the beer.

Either way, you go, choose a beer that lights up your taste buds and goes down so smoothly. If you want to skip the beer completely, just replace it with apple cider.

You can serve beer cheese dip cold or warm with homemade soft pretzel bites, smeared on beer cheese bread or baguette, your favorite crackers, or even broccoli and cauliflower florets, and of course, your favorite beer! You will be the hit of the party, trust me!

If you want to serve this dip warm, simply whisk constantly in a small saucepan over low heat, or microwave on high in 1-minute intervals, stirring between sessions until cheese dip is warm and heated through. Enjoy!

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Pro Tips For Making Beer Cheese Sauce:

  • Dont let the small amount of beer fool you, it still has plenty of beer flavor.
  • Use a beer that you love the taste of, since it will be intensified in the sauce.
  • For the best results, shred your own cheese. Pre-shredded cheese is coated in a substance to prevent it from clumping in the bag, which can make it not melt as smoothly in a sauce.
  • Season and taste as you go. Ive given you my base seasoning in the recipe, but feel free to add, subtract, or swap out for any seasonings youd like.
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    How Do You Make Beer Cheese Dip

    This amazingly delicious dip was created by the McCormick kitchens and is part of their 50 Dips for 50 States project. McCormick took the signature flavors of each state to help you elevate your bowl game and help you bring your team spirit to the table. I want to try all of the dips, they look fabulous!

    This brat & beer cheese dip is made with some of Wisconsins finest foods bratwurst, beer, cheddar cheese, and cheese curds. All of these flavors come together so nicely with the help of McCormick Pork Gravy. I love how simple this dip is to prepare, and its always a huge hit with my family and friends. I used a sharp white cheddar cheese for the base of the dip, but feel free to use a different variety of cheddar cheese if you prefer.

    Pretzels With Beer Cheese Dip

    Quick &  Easy Irish Beer Cheese Dip

    Need a perfect appetizer to serve to friends for a game night or while watching the game. I got you covered. Whats a better combo than hot, soft pretzels with beer cheese dip? Nothing.I mean the gooey sauce dipped into pretzels are just perfect for an easy and quick throw together dish. If anything pairs well with beer, its a salty snacklike pretzels.Today is National Pretzel Day, how will you celebrate National Pretzel Day? I hope its with this recipe and a cold brewsky.

    Making cheese sauce at home is not difficult. Its actually one of the easiest and quickest little recipes around. There is no excuse to buy anything from a can or from a jar. Homemade cheese sauce, made from real cheeses, is the only way to go. Plus, it tastes so much better. All you have to do is throw the ingredients together, mix and bake. Thats it. Easy peasy.

    If I was ambitious enough I would make the pretzels myself too, but sometimes I just dont want to be and Im ok with that. When I can get these soft pretzels and all of the other great ingredients from my local Fred Meyer, part of the Kroger family of stores, to cut on prep time, Ill take it. I also use these pretzels a few different ways besides dipping them in cheese. Cut them in half and make a delicious breakfast or lunch sandwich. You must try that too, so good.

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    Cooking Mild Garlic Beer Cheese

  • 1Rub garlic on your saucepan and then grease it. Take your peeled and halved garlic and rub it on the inside of your saucepan. Discard the garlic afterwards. Insert the butter into the pan and heat it over a low heat. Roll the melted butter in the pan to evenly distribute it.XResearch source
  • 2Add flour and beer. Sprinkle your flour into the butter a little at time, stirring it in with a whisk as you do so. Continue to stir these ingredients while cooking them like this for about 2 minutes. Then stir in your beer.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Bring the mixture to a boil. At this point, you should increase the heat to your saucepan to medium-high. Heat the mixture until it boils, then reduce the heat so it stays at a steady boil. Stir it constantly throughout this process, and allow the mixture to boil for roughly 2 to 3 minutes.XResearch source
  • When the mixture is thick and smooth, its done. Depending on your stove top, it may take more or less time for the mixture to reach this consistency.XResearch source
  • 4Pour your cheese into the mixture a little at a time. Reduce the saucepans heat to low. Add your cheese to the mixture in ½ cup increments. While doing so, stir it with a wooden spoon or a similar kitchen utensil until the cheese is fully melted and the mixture is smooth.
  • Add cheese in this way until no more cheese remains. Continue stirring throughout the process with a utensil.XResearch source
  • How To Make Beer Cheese Soup

    Beer Cheese Soup is so easy to prepare!

  • Cook bacon and then cook veggies in the leftover bacon drippings until tender.
  • Stir in flour .
  • Slowly whisk in the beer and broth into the soup base while bringing to a simmer.
  • Add remaining ingredients and cook until bubbly. Remove from heat.
  • Mix in cheese stirring until the soup is smooth.
  • Ladle soup into bowls , garnish with bacon crumbles, extra shredded cheese, and serve with cheesy toast.

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    How To Serve It

    My favorite way to serve this is as a warm dip, along with homemade soft pretzels. I like to make my soft pretzels with beer in the dough, so pairing them with beer cheese dip is really a match made in heaven!

    Heres a link to my recipe, if you want to give it a try: Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe.

    This also works great chilled as a spread. You can spread it on hard pretzels or on a hearty, crunchy cracker- maybe something whole grain would be good.

    Ive also used this as a topping for cooked veggies, a crudite dip, or as a sauce on cooked macaroni.

    You could even dilute it with chicken or vegetable stock and serve it as a soup!

    How To Store Leftovers

    How to Make Beer Cheese Dip

    If you are lucky enough to have some of this beer cheese dip leftover, then here is how you can store it and save it for later!

    • Refrigerator: Once your dip has cooled, store it in an airtight container in your fridge for up to 4 days!
    • Reheat: Take it out of your fridge and stir it WELL. Then, heat it up on your stovetop on low until it is heated through.

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    What Is Beer Cheese

    Beer cheese is a smooth cheese dip made from cheese, beer, and a myriad of other flavorings. You can eat it with a variety of foods, from crackers and chips to burgers and hot dogs. Beer cheese is savory, creamy, and just plain delicious.

    Beer cheese is not usually made from just one kind of cheese rather, it is a variety of cheeses mixed together. Common choices include sharp cheddar cheese and Monterey jack, but almost any kind of cheese works as long as it melts down well.

    The reason its called beer cheese is obviously that one of the main ingredients is beer. Flat beer is usually used to maintain a smoother texture, so if you make it on your own, youll need to let the beer go flat before starting.

    Another critical ingredient that goes into beer cheese is the seasoning, which varies widely depending on what the creator is going for. Common ingredients include salt, garlic, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and even hot sauce if youre looking for a little more spice. Beer cheese goes well with a variety of flavors, and so the extra ingredients can easily fit into any palate.

    The best part about beer cheese is that pretty much anyone can make it. Its a simple recipe, and the ingredients are almost always easy to find. This accessibility makes beer cheese one of the most popular snacks to go along with beerand it even makes an appearance in many other dishes.

    Spicy Beer Cheese Dip

  • In a bowl, toss together the shredded cheese and cornstarch. Set aside.
  • Add beer, mustard, Worcestershire and spices to a saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium heat.
  • Reduce heat to medium low. Add cheese and cream cheese in small batches, whisking well after each addition, whisking until fully melted and smooth. Serve with bread sticks or pretzels.
  • There is no Nutrition Label for this recipe yet. Recipe Notes

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    Creamy Beer Cheese Sauce

    Lately, Ive had an obsession with cheese. Beer cheese to be specific. Nearly all our favorite restaurants have an appetizer or two on the menu that come with beer cheese and OMG I cant get enough. Ive been on a mission to create a recipe thats just as delicious as the restaurants version, if not better. DONE!

    My favorite part about this recipe is how adaptive it is. Want a thicker sauce, more of a dip consistency? Simmer it longer or add a bit less liquid. Want it spicier? Add more cayenne, or some jalapeno. Play around with the cheese used, use a different beer, the possibilities are endless!

    How To Make Creamy Beer Cheese The Recipe Method

    Beer Cheese Dip

    First, melt some butter in a pot and stir in your flour. This is what is called a roux. Cook this down, swirling often with a wooden spoon, about 10 minutes or so to cook out the raw flour taste. Learn more about How to Make a Roux.

    Next, add in your preferred seasonings. Im using spicy chili flakes and some salt, but you can vary it up here, or add none at all for an easy cheese sauce.

    Some flavor ideas for you include garlic powder, cayenne pepper for some heat, a few splashes of hot sauce. Worcestershire sauce is a nice touch, too.

    Next, swirl in your beer.

    In this particular case, I used a cream ale from my own home brew batch, though you are free to use any type of beer you would like.

    I suggest a full flavored light colored beer, as a darker beer can affect the appearance, though perhaps that is what you are looking for.

    I judge not!

    Truly, any beer is good, though a simple light beer probably wont add much flavor. Keep stirring until the roux becomes nice and thick.

    Next, swirl in the cream cheese until it melts through. This should take 6-7 minutes or so.

    Once that is melted through, add in the shredded cheese a bit at a time and stir constantly until it is incorporated and melted evenly.

    Like the beer, you can use many different types of cheeses, so long as they are melty cheeses. Like to use a sharp cheddar cheese or pepper jack.

    Some wont melt as well, so avoid those harder cheeses or ones that dont melt consistently.

    SUPER YUM. And super easy, too.

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    The Best Beer Cheese Dip

    How is it we are already talking about Super Bowl? I feel like I just finished taking down Christmas. Nonetheless, one of the great snack food days of the year is upon us tell me Im not the only one more excited about the food and commercials than the game and its time to start a game day party plan.

    We are going to need football party ideas and football party food! This Pub-Style Beer Cheese Dip is the perfect appetizer recipe for Super Bowl, March Madness, and any other occasion.. just begging to be devoured with friends and family!

    We LOVE CHEESE at our house. A lot. Too much, maybe. Ive shared my favorite grilled cheese, over the top Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese, Ive even melted it over grapes when I made Grilled Grape Brie and Arugula Flatbread Pizza.

    It might be a problem, but as far as problems go.its one I dont mind having. It usually leads to delicious food.

    Last week I was craving homemade pretzel bites when Allison brought some home from the mall. I knew I needed to whip up a batch of beer cheese dip its like the little black dress of recipes, it goes with everything.

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